Do not get lazy at this late hour. Show your idea. Quick 3 tips!

By May 10, 2017Blog


Getting into crowd funding, a saleable concept is only the first step in a many-step process. Now, there is plenty to worry about once you actually reach your funding goal, but before that point, you need to think about how you are going to attract contributors in the first place. So, how are you going to do it? Do you have a plan? Or are you just relying on the uniqueness and the natural charisma of whatever product it is that you’re pitching? You might have the best product all month, all year even, and if you don’t set up your crowd funding campaign the right way, it is entirely possible that you never get anywhere. It is possible that you not attract a simple contributor, that your campaign ends belly-up, a failure, and you’re left off right where you started, but worse, because now you’ve wasted a big chunk of your most precious resource of all: your time.

How do you get around this? The answer is simple, in a way, simple to think about and very complex when you try to put it into practice. You need to market your concept. You need to get people thinking about what you’re selling as something that they want, even need. There are a few concrete objectives that you can pursue to this end.

First, get some high-quality graphics. This includes pictures and videos. If you have a prototype of your product, take a picture of it with a professional camera so that you produce pictures that are on the quality that newspapers would accept. After all, you do not want to hold yourself back. Maybe a big newspaper –actually will pick up your crowd funding campaign and do a feature. It could happen, so plan for it.

Second, hire a professional writer to pitch your product. Don’t take this on yourself. Instead, write a rough draft of your own thoughts and then send them to someone who cleans up writing for a living. You want to stand out to your audience for the right reasons, not for something like an awkward word choice or a grammatical error.

Third, come up with rewards that will get people talking about your campaign. There are endless possibilities, and often, the key to drawing in a lot of contributors is thinking up the right rewards. Include big options and small options so that you don’t miss out on anyone.

The success or failure of your crowd funding campaign is largely in your hands. You already have a winning concept. Now, it’s just a matter of execution. Do not get lazy at this late hour. Show your idea, and your team if you have one, some respect and some justice and get the job done right.

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